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Taking the time to identify the real cause of your condition and helping you get back to doing the things you love to do. You are not just another number in our office.

Dr Worrell is dedicated to helping the individual regain their health, move without pain and enjoy their life, living optimally. Many hours of continuing education and countless hours of self-study have prepared him for that mission. Dr Worrell has years of experience with many different conditions, insuring that he can help with whatever is giving you trouble or refer you to the appropriate specialist. Dr Worrell has the passion for finding and fixing the source of your problem and takes the time each visit to insure you have the best care and are treated fairly. You will not feel like just another number in our office. Each individual is unique. Our techniques will be tailored to provide the best results in a way in which the patient is comfortable.

"Great chiropractor and Great guy! Truly and genuinely concerned about his patients!" John

" I was referred to Dr Worrell by my son. After several years of regular chiropractic appointments elsewhere, I was very impressed with Dr Worrell's concern and how thorough his treatments were! In two treatments I've experienced more benefits than I did in seven years with my previous chiropractor. Ashland is lucky to have him!" Nancy

"Definitely one of the best places to go. He truly knows you and what works best for you. I highly recommend it." Claire

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Procedures at our clinic:

Manipulation - Use of hands or instruments to correct the motion of a joint to it's natural position, decreasing inflammation, pain and stress on the nervous system.

Myofascial Release - Identifying and releasing scar tissue and contractures that can alter body motion, cause pain and stress surrounding joints, cause headaches and attach to nerves causing pain, numbness and tingling.

Physical Therapy Modalities - Cold Laser, ultrasound, Electrical stimulation. Modalities are used to increase blood flow, decrease inflammation, swelling and pain and relax tight muscles.

Dry Needling - Using very thin filiform/Acupuncture Needles to increase blood flow, relax contractures and trigger points. Needling stimulates the nervous system to improve motion and performance, down regulate / decrease pain and initiates healing in chronically injured tissues

Acupuncture - Using very thin solid filiform needle to stimulate specific points on the body. These points help balance the body's energy to heal itself and function properly. These points have been studied and utilized in Asia for over 2000 years.

Sole Supports Custom Orthotics - Specific casting techniques are utilized to create custom orthotics which will support and correct your foot biomechanics.

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